I am Mohit Ketwal, 39 years old, working with an MNC in Pune.

I currently use three credit cards with limits totaling over 10 lakh and 2 personal loans totaling to 7 lakh. I am paying this off regularly and diligently. Recently I wanted a buy a new car and approached HDFC bank for a car loan. To my surprise I was told that my loan was rejected because there was some overdue on my credit card to the tune of 9 lakh. Also I was told that my Credit score is 820. I was shocked and asked the bank to share the CIBIL report with me. Unfortunately they refused and asked me to apply for one with CIBIL. Immediately I applied for a CIR from CIBIL online by making the necessary payment.

On receiving my CIBIL report I saw that there was a Credit card account overdue by 9 lakh with a financial institution unknown to me by the name of Shah Finlease. I immediately thought that there was some mistake and called CIBIL to check with them. The CIBIL representative at the Call center confirmed that indeed the account was mine and it was overdue!

I was perplexed and still breaking my head about how this was on my CIBIL report and started looking for help on Google. That was when I came across Positive Score, Bangalore. I immediately called them and explained the whole situation. I was assigned a representative Marina from Positive Score who took all the details and promised to get back to me by end of day.

Later that evening, Marina called me and confirmed that the account was indeed mine, and the original owner of the debt was Standard Chartered Bank in the year 1999. That’s when it struck me that during my first job I had applied for a card and had one with SCB with a limit of 30000.I also realized that some payments were due and my card was blocked those days, and I had completely forgotten it as no one from Standard Chartered Bank has called me all these years. Then Marina explained me about the Math behind how 30000 could become 9 lakh, which was convincing mathematically.

Having got into such a quagmire I did not know what to do and how to redeem myself and so I decided to enroll with Positive Score for their Debt Negotiation and Settlement Services program.

After enrolling with the Client services team at Positive Score, I immediately engaged in negotiating with Shah Finlease the new owner of the debt and arrived at a settlement of INR 75000 and ensured that all the documentation was in place for the closure. This was a big sigh of relief for me and I went ahead and settled the account. Positive Score reapplied for my CIBIL report after the settlement and confirmed that the Shah Finlease account was closed.

I wrote this testimonial in detail so it could be of use to others in similar situations. I thank Positive Score for their patience. They listened to my story and meticulously solved the whole issue. Now I feel as if it never really existed! I would like to particularly thank Marina for helping me resolve and close it once and forever. I wish Positive Score all the success and hope that they help many more people in similar situations.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Mr.Mohit Khetwal

I got the CIR from CIBIL and realized that some of the accounts which I had closed and settled with Citibank in the past still appeared as overdue in my report!

I filed for a dispute case with CIBIL about this, but got no resolution. When I called CIBIL they informed me to wait for 30 days and reapply. Even after reapplying the issue was not resolved. I was politely informed by CIBIL that they will not be able to change anything unless the bank confirmed the new status and they asked me to contact the bank.

I called the Citibank Call Centre number several times, and even sent mails as requested by them. But even after may such follow-ups the issue was not resolved. During this time, I got a mailer from Positive Score about resolution of credit report related issues.

After enrolling with Positive Score, my account was assigned to be serviced by their representative Vimala. She requested for the necessary documents and helped me to draft a letter to Citibank. She also continuously coordinated with Citibank, CIBIL and I and finally after a month the issue was resolved. I sincerely thank Vimala and Positive Score for all their efforts. Without their able assistance I might still have been running from pillar to post.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Namitha Vishweshwara
New Delhi

I work in a retail chain in Bangalore and earn a good salary. I went through a bad phase during 2008 - 09 when I did not have a job, during which time I couldn’t make regular payments toward my credit card and loan accounts. However after I got a new job I managed to keep the accounts fairly decent if not perfect. I was not given any new loans or cards from any bank for the past two years and all my loans were rejected! The Bank’s reason was always the same, CIBIL score.

I also noticed that every time I applied for a CIBIL report, my score was going down even though I was paying my dues on time. I simply couldn’t understand why this was happening and it was during that time that I read about Positive Score in Deccan Herald and approached them.

Positive Score quickly understood my problem and analyzed my CIBIL report. I was told that my score was going down because of the number of times I was applying for Loans and Cards with different Banks. Then I was informed that I should completely stop applying for any new loans until the score was good for a Loan or a Card.

Immediately after this, they helped me get a secured credit card from DCB and advised me on how to spend and make payments in a way by which my score would increase over a period of time. The whole process took almost 14 months and today my score is 760. This also helped me get a home loan at the right time. I thank Positive Score for all their efforts and also for helping me take the right steps to increase my Credit score. I wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Indraneel Chattopadhyaya

I went through a financial crunch, during which time I settled my accounts. One of the Accounts that I settled was showing as “settled post write off” or “just settled” in my CIBIL report. Fortunately times have changed for the better and I am doing quite well in my business right now. I decided to rework on the status of my account which was settled. I approached Positive Score in January 2012 and enrolled for their services.

Positive Score went through all my accounts carefully and approached all the Banks with whom I had paid off Loans.

Then they gave me details regarding the amounts to be paid to the Bank to change the status. The work sheet they provided was Greek and Latin to me as it had many terminologies such as POS, DPD, and Penal Interest etc.

I eventually met client service executives of Positive Score who explained to me each and every component in the work sheet and arrived at the payment to be made to the banks. I was satisfied with the explanation and wrote out cheques to different banks as advised by Positive Score. After making payments in March, I obtained a new CIBIL report in May. I was happy to see that the status of all the settled accounts was changed to close and I feel great when I see my report now. I thank Positive Score for helping me to get the status changed and solve this issue so easily.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Haridev Katkar

In 2007 there was an amount of Rs. 42,000 due on my standard chartered bank credit card.

A Collection Agent approached me and offered me a onetime settlement and promised to close the account at 15000. Excited about the waiver I borrowed money from my friends and closed the account by paying cash to the collection agent. However I got the shock of my life when I received a call from Positive Score for the exact same outstanding amount on the Card I had paid off, for Rs 1,90,000 !

When I showed their staff the settlement letter of SCB which the collection agent had given they confirmed that the letter was fake and there was no record of the settlement in SCB’s System.

Since it is more than five years, since I had made the payment, I had lost the phone number of the collection agent as well. That is when I searched Google and found Positive Score. They not only understood my dilemma but also helped me to resettle the account with Shaha Finlease, and ensured that the same was updated in my CIBIL report as well. I thank Positive Score for their help without which I would have had a major problem with my CIBIL rating.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Madhukar Das

My name is Venkat and I work for a food chain in Bangalore.

I have borrowed money from several banks, through Personal loans and Credit Cards. Due to a medical emergency in my family I had to spend over 7 lakh on treatment. My financial situation deteriorated and I completely stopped making payments towards my Personal loan EMI and Credit card bills.

One morning at about 8.30 am when I was about to leave for work, I noticed two police men with an executive from Barclays Finance at my door wanting to see me.

I spoke to them and I was completely shocked by what they said to me. They had a non bail-able warrant against me and the police had come to arrest me and produce me in the court. I completely broke down and did not know what to do, my wife was supportive and she started calling her friends for any help we could get.

One of our close family friends referred us to Positive Score. She immediately called them and explained the gravity of the situation. On hearing about this, even before I enrolled or paid fees, Positive Score immediately sent out one of their panel of lawyers to the police station. The Lawyer came and spoke to the Police and the Bank official.

I was asked to go to court after nine days to appear for the case and was free to go home. Though the entire process took more than 7 hours, I am happy I could manage to come out of this situation. Further Positive Score not only helped me in closing the account with Barclays, they also helped me in closing the case pending in the Court. I thank Positive Score from the bottom of my heart for helping me through this situation without which it would have been a huge embarrassment to me and my family.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Venkat Vardhan

I had applied for a Home Loan with LIC and was surprised when it got rejected. The LIC official said that my name was on CIBIL and that's why I couldn’t get a loan. I didn't even understand what that meant. I was disappointed with the LIC official, as he wasn't even interested to explain what CIBIL was, or what it meant or what I should do next. I was left confused and frustrated.

I heard about Positive Score while listening to FM Rainbow. I'm so happy I went to them. Hats-off to their Credit Review team; Not only did they explain how Credit Bureaus work and their purpose. They also helped me apply for my CIBIL report and helped me resolve the issue that got my loan rejected. Now they are advising me on which home loan product to apply based on my salary, and my needs for the home loan. With a big sigh of relief, I thank Positive Score for all their efforts to solve my problem!

Testimonial, Positive Score
Naveen Haridas K V

In 2003, I went through financial difficulties and was not able to pay my credit card dues to Standard Chartered Bank. The bank offered me a settlement through one of their collection agencies in Bangalore. I was keen to settle so I ran-around seeking help from family & friends and borrowed the money and cleared the settlement.

Mid-2010, I started receiving calls from an agency in Mumbai claiming that I had a large due on the card with SCB and was threatened of legal action if I don't clear the amount. I immediately contact SCB who even, after several follow-ups were not able to provide the correct information. It was here that I asked Positive Score to help. Positive Score followed-up with the agency and the issue is now resolved. Last week, I got my CIBIL report with the update of the resolution. I'm so happy that my problem was resolved and credit history improved.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Ritwik Goswami

The pressure of debt and its associated hardship has taken its toll over time on me and my family, but because of Positive Score, I have been able to get on with my life without the dread every morning of who is going to knock the door or call me at home.

I have always wanted to pay off what I owe to everybody, but this would not have been possible without Positive Score. I have no doubt that under different circumstances I would have vanished without a trace.

Through a number of Positive Score Executives, I have had calm support and down to earth advice, most often when I needed support to lean on. For that, Thank you once again.

I wish everyone at Positive Score Peace , Health and Prosperity … You guys really deserve it .

Testimonial, Positive Score
Mohan Kumar

"Thank you so much for all your help in resolving our debt problems. You have made me believe that we can get out of this problem in a very short time and be able to save a lot of money as well. Talking with you was like talking to a friend. You were not judgmental and did not make me feel like a bad person like so many banks have in the past. I believe that Positive Score is the solution that we have been looking for. I look forward to working with you in the future. I recommend this program to anyone who is stressed and worried about their debt."

Testimonial, Positive Score
Kanwaljeet Singh

I was bedridden after a road accident, I tried to pay off all my creditors, but it became impossible. Your company Positive Score was recommended to me by a friend and it saved my life!

Your valuable advice and cooperation enabled me to pay off my creditors. I thank you again for your great help in this matter. I would be doubly pleased to recommend your services to anyone in need.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Sita Prabhakar

After I lost my job during the recession, I concluded that it would be impossible for me to move forward in life. I was repenting for all the decisions which I had taken during the good times including availing of 6 personal loans, 5 cards and a very large home loan to buy my dream property. One month after I lost my job everything came crashing down like a pack of cards. I thought about ending my life many times until I came across the small news paper insert about you. The moment I logged on to your website I got the hope and power to face the banks … with Positive Score’s help of course. I took a decision 6 months ago and enrolled myself for your Debt Management Program. After that there has been no looking back, I am extremely happy with your services and the way you have been negotiating and closing all my accounts one by one.

I am deeply obliged to recommend your services to the people who are sailing in the same boat as I was. I wish Positive Score all the best and Thank you once again!

Testimonial, Positive Score
Giridhar Rao

My phone used to ring like a public phone through the day and night until I went to bed. I had to answer all the calls and had no options, because the moment I ignored the calls the call would start flowing to my house where my aged father and mother live. That is right I am talking about the collection calls from Banks and recovery agencies from which I have availed credit cards, personal loans. I read the ad in the newspaper about Positive Score and I walked into to the Positive Score office at Bangalore. Positive Score team listened to me carefully for over two hours, analyzed my situation and offered to help me to get out of the situation I was in. Four months from there here I am, my mobile stopped ringing and no call to my parents as well. I feel I have taken control of my financial life and with ongoing consultation with Positive Score, I feel I am secure and walking towards what the Positive Score team always prescribes "GET OUT AND STAY OUT OF DEBT"

Testimonial, Positive Score
Rodney D’Souza

"I have been working with Positive Score for around 6 months on 7 different accounts. I would like to inform you that in my dealings with this Company, I found that they are the most honest and transparent company I have ever worked with; I can count on Positive Score whenever I am in doubt or have a query. They answer the phone about 90% of the time when I call, and if they don't, I promptly get a call back. Positive Score always explains the process in detail, and takes the time to make sure I understand. I always feel better after talking to them; they know their job very well and they have been spot on with the answers and advice they have given me so far.


Testimonial, Positive Score

This note is to thank you all at Positive Score for your help and support in our struggle to gain control of our lives and be free of Debt.

It has been a constant uphill battle for our family for the past 10 years, and it is such a relief to finally be redeemed. Now we only have ourselves to answer to. We thank our lucky stars everyday that we found your Ad in the paper and followed up on it. This year has been an incredible year for us so far and is largely due to all of your efforts.

Please hang in there and know that the job you are doing is making a tremendous positive impact in people’s lives.

Testimonial, Positive Score
Vinay Belur

After I contacted banks myself, they temporarily reduced my payments, but that did not help at all.

Indeed it would have worked perfectly if we did not eat for the next year. Thanks to Positive Score for putting food on my table again! Things got easy right from the time I first spoke to a Positive Score Executive. From the first consultation I knew I had made the right move in calling you fine people. I knew I could afford the payments you suggested and things were actually a lot better than I expected. It`s so nice to speak to people who are friendly and helpful. I just wish I had found your service earlier in my life!

Testimonial, Positive Score
Lalitha Iyengar

I'd like to tell you the story of how I came to use Positive Score as a solution to my debt problems. My husband and I were deeply in debt and could not make our monthly payments. It had gotten to the point where we stopped answering our phone for fear it would be one of our Creditors calling. That's when I said a prayer and asked God what to do. Later that same day, I happened to see an advertisement for Positive Score- Debt Management program in a newspaper. So, I called and we joined the program. Six months now we have the peace of mind and confidence in ourselves and feel that we have once again taken control of our life financially!

When simply stated, “When you let go and let God do His thing, WOW, look at the results!” May God bless Positive Score and its team of Counselors!

Testimonial, Positive Score
Mrs. Rachel Rodriguez